Lithium Battery your cost saving solution for renewable energy

Solar Power Energy Storage System(ESS) stores electric energy and utilize them for later
consumption, in additional it also provides a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power to bring cost savings solution for you.

Providing 24/7 off-grid electricity in areas with intermittent electricity or no electricity at all, many solar power and batteries provide power to equipment such as closed-circuit surveillance systems, remote alarms and environmental monitoring systems may require DC (direct current) power storage , rural farm and construction sites often use diesel generators , now finding Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries deliver high energy and cost effective . Lithium batteries are often used to directly replace the lead-acid batteries because they have very similar charging voltages and 3 times more life span.  The round-trip energy efficiency of a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is upwards of 95-98%.

 This is a significant improvement for systems works long hours , 24/7 operation facilities , and required quick charging . Residential properties working with solar power for heating and well pump , Industrial farming and heavy machinery energy consumption is very high and costly ,Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries deliver much savings from gas  /diesel generator . The rising price of diesel fuel and other energy sources has resulted in expenditure increases for service providers. These high operating expenses have led to the development of alternative renewable sources of energy and energy storage.

Energy storage provides a high mobility  power supply and cost savings to our electric grid. Off- grid living and working  with renewable energy allows today’s electrical system to run significantly more efficiently, and that greater efficiency means lower prices, less emissions and more reliable power.