Power your Journey with Lithium Battery 12V 100Ah, 12V 200Ah

Lithium Cell LiFePO4 Prismatic cells & Systems

Zijin specializes in the manufacturing of lithium batteries for electric vehicles , energy storage systems and battery management systems (BMS )

Lithium battery has the characteristics of high energy density, long service life, high rated voltage, low self-discharge, lightweight, high and low-temperature adaptability, green environmental protection, high power endurance, etc.Lithium batteries for vehicles are highly reliable batteries for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Having a high energy density, large capacity, and no memory. Advantages have been recognized by automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells: differences and applications.

Battery Storage for Residential & Commercial Complex

By consuming more of your own energy using lithium battery system, you can reduce the proportion of expensive grid power you use each month

Protect critical loads with temporary backup power that can be recharged from the grid or solar source,Energy storage can perform other cost-saving and revenue-generating services

Renewable energy with lithium battery system , built-in BMS offer online monitoring on farms, to control the facilities with stable temperature for livestock and  imperishable goods

We provide lithium battery system proposal for customer to review and decide the best operation application. We provide lithium battery cell, lithium battery modules, and lithium system integrate with inbuilt BMS, controller and necessary components.

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The 12V150Ah system I ordered from them, with BMS & bluetooth,everything is working as expected at this point. For the price I am very happy with my purchase at this point. They only sell and pack with New Battery Cells, that's important!

Ronald Mitchell

Plug-and-Play equipment handling equipment. Drop-In Replacements. Lifts up to 8 meter with electric power , quick charging, they provide professional advise to replace lead acid battery.

Aaron Peterson

They customized my 48V system, impressive, all being taking care of from packaging design, testing before dispatched,export license. I have bad experience with used batttery, this factory do not have this issue. Well done!

Marco Rossini